CW review, 1/20/2011: Night of the Omnichord

An action-packed session this week. Our signup list was bursting at the stitches–new friends, old friends, new songs and a fully attentive room.
1. Perhaps most importantly it was Chris‘s mother’s birthday, and she got a communal Catweazle speakerphone surprise.
2. Emily Einhorn, occasionally glancing at the scribbled lyrics of this brand new song.
3. Susan Kramer’s a capella Duke Ellington.
4. Newcomer Dahlia Colman with sweet uke-ness and words like a Nova Scotia summer.
5. Another first-time Catweazle performer, Ryan Rodgers with his sensational Omnichord (a contraption originally invented by Brooks M.)
6. Another new song; Will Stratton with finger picking like midnight.

Approximate set list of the entire night:
First Half:
1. The Apple Kickers (Patrick and Amie) 2. Young Neil 3. Cal Folger Day 4. Chris Molner 5. Brian Fitzsousa 6. Amanda Pop Schmidt 7. Dahlia Colman 8. Joe Yoga 9. Emily Einhorn 10. Will Stratton
Second Half:
11. DROPSON (featured set)
12. Myles Manley 13. Bernard King (read by Myles) 14. Brookes McKenzie 15. Tami Shann 16. Whadia 17. Ryan Rodgers 18. Susan Kramer 19. Lauraly Grossman 20. Chris Castiglione 21. Anna Ghezzi & Chris Faroe 22. Jasmine 23. Mattanja da Silva 24. Pat Hull

Next week’s featured set:
Piano extraordinaire Albert Goold and friends
For more info join:


About Catweazle NYC

Calling all singers, songers, ranters, ravers, poets and lovers... A weekly gathering of folks listening to other folks' voices. Catweazle Club is NYC's newest acoustic open performance space. Anyone is welcome to perform---signup is at 7:30pm at the door. Performers get in FREE. Listeners only $5. Good drinks from $2! WHEN: EVERY Thursday, doors/signup 7:30pm WHERE: A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery in an apartment at 285 E 3rd st. Manhattan NY. (2nd floor) WHO: Each week, in addition to open performance slots, we feature one or two sets by incredible acoustic artists. Hosted by Chris Faroe and Cal Folger Day
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2 Responses to CW review, 1/20/2011: Night of the Omnichord

  1. Ryan Roger says:

    Hello Catweazlers – Thank for all the nice words about my little Omnichord performance of ‘Own Me’ last week. I was really, really impressed with the professionalism and talent I witnessed in the room.

    If you’d like to hear more of my music (or stay in touch about your shows), then please find me below on Myspace (and on Facebook: Ryan Roger (musician page)). I am a new member of the online music community.

    Here is the demo of that tune I played on the Omnichord:

    Ryan Roger

  2. Brer says:

    Here be the finished track… Recorded live @ Catweazle and finished at home

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