Feb 10 + Feb 17 =

And we’re back after a short meditation hiatus with a double header, a few of the many highlights from the previous two weeks:

Feb 10th

1. Erica Russo’s sweet ‘bubblewrap’ song.

2. Mr. Viktor Long (and co.) with one of their many less than innocent. ‘Mr. Pussy Cat’

Feb.  17th

1.  Ben Seretan and Asa Horvitz (of DuChampion) were our featured set. Listen to their electric version at duchampion.bandcamp.com

2. Shane with slide guitar, visiting from out of town.                                                  

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Catweazle review: Feb 3, 2011

In case you were on another continent or something, here are a few of the sounds that occurred last Thursday:

1. Anthony da Costa (with Emilyn Brodsky piping up from the audience) was this week’s feature and he delivered some great songs as always, including ‘Learning to Say No’

2. Debe Dalton is back in town and came by with her banjo and ‘Lonesome Valley’. She will play a featured set this week, Thurs. Feb 10th.

3. Pat Hull started us off with a flawless “So Far Gone”.

4. Albert Goold plays Albert Goold. ‘Take Me Down’.

5. Zachary Kangas played “Letter from My Father”.

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Catweazle In Review: January 27th 2011

Well, here’s what happened.

1. Elizabeth Watson (poet) — “My Language and I”

2. Ryan Rogers — “Please”

3. Toby Goodshank — “It’s Amazing”

4. Ray Brown — “Polo Ralph Lauren is a Racist Cult”

5. Sioux City Kid — “Hell Bound”

The Whole Shebang

1st HALF
a.) Brer Brian; b.) Ryan Roger; c.) Elizabeth Watson; d.) Jasmine; e.) Zach H.B.; f.) Jake; g.) Sunny California; h.) Patrick; i.) Metzger; j.) Cal; k.) Ray Brown; l.) Ryan Mastin; m.) J.J. & Susan
2nd HALF
Good as Goold (featured set); n.) Chris F. & Anna G; o.) Richard P.; p.) Brookes; q.) Sioux City Kid; r.) Young Neil; s.) Heidi; t.) Myles Manley; u.) Brian Dolphin

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CW review, 1/20/2011: Night of the Omnichord

An action-packed session this week. Our signup list was bursting at the stitches–new friends, old friends, new songs and a fully attentive room.
1. Perhaps most importantly it was Chris‘s mother’s birthday, and she got a communal Catweazle speakerphone surprise.
2. Emily Einhorn, occasionally glancing at the scribbled lyrics of this brand new song.
3. Susan Kramer’s a capella Duke Ellington.
4. Newcomer Dahlia Colman with sweet uke-ness and words like a Nova Scotia summer.
5. Another first-time Catweazle performer, Ryan Rodgers with his sensational Omnichord (a contraption originally invented by Brooks M.)
6. Another new song; Will Stratton with finger picking like midnight.

Approximate set list of the entire night:
First Half:
1. The Apple Kickers (Patrick and Amie) 2. Young Neil 3. Cal Folger Day 4. Chris Molner 5. Brian Fitzsousa 6. Amanda Pop Schmidt 7. Dahlia Colman 8. Joe Yoga 9. Emily Einhorn 10. Will Stratton
Second Half:
11. DROPSON (featured set)
12. Myles Manley 13. Bernard King (read by Myles) 14. Brookes McKenzie 15. Tami Shann 16. Whadia 17. Ryan Rodgers 18. Susan Kramer 19. Lauraly Grossman 20. Chris Castiglione 21. Anna Ghezzi & Chris Faroe 22. Jasmine 23. Mattanja da Silva 24. Pat Hull

Next week’s featured set:
Piano extraordinaire Albert Goold and friends
For more info join:

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Catweazle Review: Jan 13, 2010

1. One guitarist, one vocalist, next week Dropson will be playing a featured set.
2. Mattanja da Silva‘s epic call to womankind—‘all her sisters’ —to help her devour an abundance of chocolate cake.
3. An excerpt from this week’s featured set by poet E. Amato (accompanied by renowned guitarist Jane Getter), with poetry from her new collection ‘Swimming in Amber’.
4. Listen to these words by Wadih Sader.
5. The sylabolic chorus of this song WILL become embedded in your brain, thanks to newcomer Ryan Hussey.

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Catweazle review: Jan 6, 2011

A genuinely wicked night last Thursday,
1. A heroic display of acoustic scremo stamina by Bradley Bailey
2. The geological prowess we’ve come to expect from Rebecca Seatle
3. That ageless classic thing that Jordan Levinson manages to pull off so frequently (with Alex P)
4. Brer Brian with a no less than HEROIC rendition of his original CATWEAZLE THEME SONG. Stellar night.

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Catweazle review: Dec. 16, 2010

The last ‘weazle of 2010 brought out many hearty songers and beats with an extra dose of debauchery. You had to be there in person for the grittiest of it, but here’s a taste: Elizabeth with an autoharp, the–to borrow the colloquialism–‘ill rhymes’ we experienced, cacophonous solstice singalong (foreshadow of the amateur but vigorous caroling which ended the night), and acapella by Mari-Jon.

And then the eclipse.

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